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Call of Cthulhu

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How to Survive 2 Cover Art

How to Survive 2

Dead or Alive? Make up your mind, stranger. We don’t like that undead business here in Louisiana… Survive solo or with friends as you look to fulfill your basic needs of food, water and shelter, crafting your own tools and weapons while you secure your camp and face flesh ...
Genres: RPG, Adventure
Themes: Action, Horror, Survival
Released: 2016-09-08

Octopath Traveler Cover Art

Octopath Traveler

A role-playing game from the Bravely Default team is being developed exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. They have brought a new world to life through a mix of CG, pixel art, and "HD-2D" visuals.
Genres: RPG, Adventure
Themes: Fantasy
Released: 2018-07-13

Immortal: Unchained Cover Art

Immortal: Unchained

Immortal: Unchained is a souls-inspired third-person shooter/action RPG.
Genres: Shooter, RPG, Adventure
Themes: Action, Fantasy, SciFi
Released: 2018-09-07

Legrand Legacy Cover Art

Legrand Legacy

LEGRAND LEGACY - TALE OF THE FATEBOUNDS LEGRAND LEGACY is a spiritual successor to some all-time favorite JRPGs with a fresh take on the classic turn-based combat. Explore a beautifully hand-drawn world riddled with fantastical creatures, devastating wars, and intriguing stories of personal redemption. Play our demo and discover why ...
Genres: RPG, Tactical, Adventure, Indie
Themes: Action, Fantasy, Warfare
Released: 2018-01-24

Observer Cover Art


Observer is a first person perspective horror game that focuses on a dark, atmospheric environment and deep story telling.
Genres: Adventure, Indie
Themes: Horror, Thriller
Released: 2017-08-15