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Might & Magic Heroes VII Cover Art

Might & Magic Heroes VII

Our story takes place during a war of succession. The Empress’ murder has left a realm in flames with many hungry rivals ready to seize the throne by force. The Duke Ivan then calls together a prestigious council of six trusted advisors to restore order and end the conflict that ...
Genres: RPG, Strategy, TBS
Themes: Fantasy
Released: 2015-09-29

Slay Cover Art


Slay is a turn based strategy game where your goal is to conquer the island by buying men and using them to capture your enemies' hexagons. By combining two men you can create a single more powerful man who is able to kill weaker men. The twist to the game ...
Genres: Strategy, TBS
Themes: Fantasy, Historical
Released: 1995-06-30

Disgaea 1 Complete Cover Art

Disgaea 1 Complete

A remake of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.
Genres: RPG, Strategy, TBS, Tactical
Themes: Fantasy, Warfare
Released: 2018-07-26

Medieval Kingdom Wars Cover Art

Medieval Kingdom Wars

Rewrite medieval history through bloody siege combat and grand strategy. Rule, build, and wage war as one of the minor lords of medieval Europe… Medieval Kingdom Wars redefines Medieval Grand Strategy. Build your cities, wage your wars, serve your king, and experience siege combat with a degree of brutality never ...
Genres: Sim, Strategy, Indie
Themes: Historical
Released: 2017-06-09

Startup Company Cover Art

Startup Company

Startup Company is a business simulation sandbox game. You play as the CEO of a newly formed software company. Your job is to either complete client contracts to make money, or build your very own products.
Genres: Sim, Strategy, Indie
Released: 2017-08-12