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Resident Evil 2

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H1Z1 Cover Art


Offering a total sandbox experience, H1Z1 is a zombie survival MMO set in a post-apocalyptic world where thousands of players must strategically align with friends and against enemies in order to survive the worldwide infection. Daybreak Games announced in early 2016 that H1Z1 has been split into two games: ...
Genres: Shooter, Adventure
Themes: Horror, Survival, Open world
Released: 2015-02-15

How to Survive 2 Cover Art

How to Survive 2

Dead or Alive? Make up your mind, stranger. We don’t like that undead business here in Louisiana… Survive solo or with friends as you look to fulfill your basic needs of food, water and shelter, crafting your own tools and weapons while you secure your camp and face flesh ...
Genres: RPG, Adventure
Themes: Action, Horror, Survival
Released: 2016-09-08

Resident Evil: HD Remaster Cover Art

Resident Evil: HD Remaster

The hugely popular Resident Evil series, having sold over 61 million units to date, returns to its roots with a remastered version of the critically acclaimed masterpiece, Resident Evil. Originally released in 1996, Resident Evil was then “remade” in 2002 from the ground up with new visuals, gameplay elements, environments and story details ...
Genres: Adventure
Themes: Action, Horror, Survival
Released: 2015-01-17

Resident Evil Zero Cover Art

Resident Evil Zero

The game's storyline serves as a prequel to Resident Evil, covering Rebecca Chambers' ordeal a day prior. On July 23, 1998, special police STARS Bravo team is sent in to investigate a series of grisly murders in the Arklay Mountains region outside of Raccoon City. On the way to the scene, Bravo's ...
Genres: Shooter, Adventure
Themes: Action, Horror, Survival
Released: 2002-11-10